Web Design

Our Design Ideas

We always keep users’ needs at the forefront of design thinking. Our creative designer’s team think differently at each problem and craft design to perfect business requirements. WowPixelWeb is continuously empowering businesses with a complete design makeover to achieve excellence.

We specialize in service and experience design, seamlessly integrated with a team of expert WordPress Developers to solve the biggest and most pressing challenges in the WordPress arena, effectively. Our web design process involve the following crucial components:


Purpose of color

We select different colors based on the importance they can play to establish association and recognition among the users.


Minimalist Navigation

We create ultra-minimalist web designs to craft more user-friendly, more responsive, faster and intuitive navigation.


Visual hierarchy

We put suitable-most design elements in the webpage visual hierarchy to create intended importance on each element.


Typography Perception

We know our brain likes harmony. We understand how to create rhythm to make the eyes move easily through each text.


Balance Spacing

We blend art and science of spacing around our design and text to accommodate webpages with more breathing space and focus to it.


Data Visulization

Our expert design team incorporates each design with unique data representation and impactful and easy-to-understand visuals.

We deliver ultimate Website Design services

We provide bespoke web design services to manage your web presence efficiently and deliver better outcomes. With the aim of providing maximum engagement and interaction opportunities for users, we focus on usability and search engine friendliness.

Working exclusively with WordPress has allowed us to gain insight on the best design practices to hone website usability and hence the user experience. We practice proven methodology blended with out-of-box design thinking to craft cost-effective, responsive-most, and trending web design to gain a competitive edge.

What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design is all about making a website look good on all devices! Therefore, we craft every design with fully optimized images, CTAs, and branding elements. We make websites fully-responsive and make webpages render well on all types of devices. Also, it will eliminate the unnecessary resizing, scrolling or zooming for sites that are not optimized for different devices.

Why does your business need UX?

Your users are the topmost concern for your business and it is important to take care of their choices and preferences, especially when it comes to problem-solving. Therefore, crafting the finest user experience (UX) is the prime concern for businesses all round the world. Moreover, the role of user experience (UX) design is to help users achieve goals.

We promise you with awestruck Web Design!

Quality Design

Our creative designer’s team works together to grapple with UI/UX challenges our clients bring to us. We refresh our design approach with each project to create best-of-breed design experiences and products that fit perfectly today—and that shape our future.

Excellent support

However complex your organization, we can help you deliver your message and ethos to your target audience. A senior consultant will personally manage your entire project, from establishing feasible goals right through to ensuring they are fully achieved.

Reasonable price

We craft and deliver awesome WordPress websites or apps at an affordable cost. However, the cost ranges from simple app development to complex app development. You can fill the form at the ‘Contact Us’ page to get a custom quote within 48 hours.

Creative consultant

We provide simplistic business intelligence by bringing fresh ideas to your fruition to enhance the impact and overall output. We provide our clients with extraordinary creative ways to solve their problems and meet the client’s needs.

Mobile First

We always apply a mobile-first approach in all our designs combining our design expertise and user-focused approach. We create responsive web design to enable web to fit the screen on different devices.

Trend setter

We create mind-blowing design concepts to craft finest WordPress websites. Our unmatched design-thinking gives you an edge over your competitors in the marketplace. We set new trends with exceptional user experience.