Why is WordPress a great way to start your career as a developer?

Today, the world is moving ahead at a faster pace with emerging technologies. And this attracts newbies to start their careers as a developer. 

But many freshers or even interns get stuck around between the choice of different programming languages to select from. This is obvious for anyone with zero knowledge about the available options or even towards a rising career. 

Here is a thing to remember for all newbies wanting to start their career as a developer. Always start with basics and build up a strong foundation on them. This is because a career without a rock-steady foundation will trouble you in the next 3 – 4 years, where you only have the option to regret it and nothing else. 

Instead of doing that, start learning with basics of programming languages like C/ C++/ C# and then with HTML alongwith Javascript, which is a gate towards the world of development. 

After learning all the basics, as mentioned earlier is the right time to choose between one programming language you can work with. 

WordPress is the best career option if you are looking for an open-source Content Management System (CMS). WordPress alone has around 40% of the market share globally compared to other programming languages.

You need good command over PHP and MySQL to get things started. But here is the thing you can start off playing around with freely available themes, plugins, and widgets to understand the features and functionalities of the most recommended of them. 

Earlier, WordPress had its built-in classic editor to create pages, posts, and other add-ons for the website. But then, many page builders like::

  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • Themify Page builder
  • Divi Builder
  • GeneratePress
  • & many more

These page builders have become an essential part of the WordPress development ecosystem.

But you may find all the features readily available and easily configured using the WordPress dashboard. 

As you get deeper into website development using WordPress, you understand the challenges, needs, trends, and importance of developing a theme or plugin specific to an industry or a business. 

Slowly you can start learning theme development, plugin development, customizations for existing themes/plugins/widgets, and integrations that play a crucial role in enhancing the website’s user experience. 

Everything does not happen in a single day; take your time exploring career opportunities with WordPress as a theme/plugin developer, designer, back-end/front-end developer, and many other areas. 

But always self-evaluate yourself based on your skillset, interest, passion, and what goes with your current stage of experience. 

WordPress community is a huge family of developers, designers, marketers, bloggers, content creators, podcasters, and organizers worldwide who work restlessly to improve the learning experience within the community. 

There are countless IT firms, agencies, and individuals for whom WordPress have changed their lifestyle for a lifetime. What requires commitment, passion, and zeal to share & learn from like-minded people. 

Every other company that works on WordPress technology has its own culture, methodology, and learning patterns helping its employees to excel in their careers through upgraded knowledge and experience. 

When starting your career as a WordPress developer in an IT company, always look for the learning scope, environment, and opportunities you will get while working to grow. Some companies largely invest in training and field visits to get exposure for their in-house team, helping them to learn the process of different departments working in a company. 

WordPress.org has put up a lot of resources available online to learn every update and trend within the WordPress ecosystem. 

WordPress understands the upcoming technologies and their uses. Therefore, it has come up with Gutenberg editor changed the course of website development and took things to a significant level.

Working in a WordPress-based company is fun, full of learning, worth, and above all, confidence-gaining experience to boost your career. 


This is the perfect time to gear up for your career with WordPress, enter into the world of unleashed possibilities, and meet an amazing huge community who are always ready to share and guide you at every stage of your career growth.